The Spence Collection
How art can change your life.


Artworks acquired in 2006

Psychoanalytic Filiations
1993, Ernst Falzeder

Artworks acquired in 2005

2005, Luciano Perna

Artworks acquired in 2004

The Best of All Possible Worlds
1997, Allen Ruppersberg

Artworks acquired in 2003

Antwerp-Brussels (People and Time)
1969, David Lamelas
Dante's Inferno
2003, Sandow Birk
Untitled (Black with long rectangle)
2002, Habib Kheradyar Zamani

Artworks acquired in 2002

Two Tongues
2002, Charles LaBelle
Seven Ply Mountains
2002, Carmine Iannaccone
Mummies Moving to the Right
2001, Jay-Gould Stuckey
Airplanes Flying Overhead
2001, Jay-Gould Stuckey
The Star
2001, Anne Chao
The Star (maquettes)
2002, Anne Chao
Disappearer - Shirt that passed through my body
2000, Charles LaBelle

Artworks acquired in 2001

photo from Irvine Series
2001, Ewerdt Hilgemann
Hello Kitty Drawing #1
2001, Jaime Scholnick
2001, Adrienne Cohen
Untitled (Titanium White)
1997, Daniel Aksten

Artworks acquired in 2000

Metal Saber
1999, Saber -
Feed It (?)
2000, Mark Heresy
1999, Antonio Gomez-Bueno
Disappearer-Bldngs Entered #107 Movies & More
2000, Charles LaBelle
Disappearer-Bldngs Entered #108 Dairy Queen
2000, Charles LaBelle
Disappearer-Bldngs Entered #109 Express Photo
2000, Charles LaBelle
Stored Material
2000, David Bunn
Unamerican Activities
2000, Scott Grieger
Third Eye
2000, Jeanne Patterson
The Media Miracle
1999, Kevin Ancell

Artworks acquired in 1999

The Secret
1999, Mike Kelley
For Herman: 'random sculptures'
1980, Ewerdt Hilgemann
1992, Chris Wilder
1999, Saber -
81 Objects
1992, Don Suggs
The Tree of Life
1997, Marnie Weber
Decision Piece(?)
1999, Sophie Calle

Artworks acquired in 1998

Antonio Gomez-Bueno
Pierced Red Square
1998, Suzanne Williams
Behind Me (#1)
1995, Caryl Davis
Behind Me (#4)
1995, Caryl Davis
Untitled Family portrait
1990, Jill Poyourow
Squares Masquerading as Artists
1997, Scott Grieger
Aņo Loco XIV92 Por Dios y Oro
1992, Chaz Bojorquez
Hale-Bopp After Perihelion 1997
1998, Russell Crotty
After the Battle of the Rose Bowl
1998, Sandow Birk
CalArts Portraits
1993, Ruben Ortiz-Torres
1998, Darcy Huebler
Reinforcements Arriving Too Late
1998, Sandow Birk
L. A. River
1998, Eduardo Sarabia
1997, Myron Dyal
Cat Underground
1998, Marcel Dzama
Mother w/ child
1991, Jill Poyourow
Past Pants (#15)
1993, Caryl Davis
Past Pants (#17)
1993, Caryl Davis
UFO photos
1997, Chris Wilder
Greeting the Wise One
1997, Marnie Weber
The Wise One
1997, Marnie Weber
Alien Fetus
1998, Mike Gonzalez
Big Girl (Satin Doll)
1997, Corey Stein
1997, Chris Wilder

Artworks acquired in 1997

Dead Old Men and Dead Fish in the Land of the Rising Sun
1991, Chris Wilder
Fabricated UFO Sighting at Monte Carlo with the Jewels from Hong Kong (In Your Dreams)
1991, Chris Wilder
Flying High in the Sky with Peyote in your Eye (Crest)
1991, Chris Wilder

Artworks acquired in 1996

1996, Mear -
There's a Hole in the Bucket
1996, Corey Stein

Artworks acquired in 1995

The Worst Years of My Life
1996, Meg Cranston
Unable to Proceed
1978, Gifford Myers
A - B
1971, Allen Ruppersberg
Book Review
1973, Allen Ruppersberg
1994, Corey Stein
"Sorry, We're Closed"
1995, Scott Grieger
Will The Lake Remember He Who Is Reflected On It?
1989, John Boskovich
The Villain
1995, Anthony Ausgang
Hollywood Babylon (?)
1995, Mear -
City of the Orators / A city attains /retains its name
1993, Maria Nordman
Dreams: Chris Wilder's Mom...
1993, Jim Shaw
Jupiter #120
1994, Russell Crotty
Sophie Calle
Nose #1
Kymber Holt
Groom Lake
1995, Chris Wilder
Stacked (2 pcs.)
Elizabeth Pulsinelli

Artworks acquired in 1994

1994, Brian Smith
Two Girls with Fawn (Triptych)
1994, Brian Smith
Sketchbook #
Russell Crotty
The Battle of SK8 at Zero One
1993, Chaz Bojorquez
1994, Martin Mull
1994, Antonio Gomez-Bueno
Family Portrait
1993, Holly Wilder
Termites Stink
Ed (Big Daddy) Roth
1985, Allen Ruppersberg
"International Bed & Breakfast"
1991, Paul Kos
333 From Grand
1994, Stuart Spence

Artworks acquired in 1993

1992, Chris Wilder
House Project: Meg Cranston Fax
1993, Marylin Negro
"Unknown, Unwanted, Unconscious, Untitled"
1993, George Stone
Cub Scout Swastika
1992, Mark Heresy
Ernestine and the Venus of Polyethylene
1968, Robert Williams
Drawing (of miners for Oscar Wilde in Leadville)
1990, Robert Williams

Artworks acquired in 1992

La Frontera
1991, Craig Stecyk
Sketchbook: 92 New Age Wave Trolls
1992, Russell Crotty
Gates of Hell
1992, Sandow Birk & Steve Rivers

Artworks acquired in 1991

Loose Dogs Will Bite
1988, Richard Roehl
Mapplethorpe [Viewer Discretion Advised]
1991, John Galt
1991, Jan van Munster
Makiki Mako Diablo
1991, Lynn Coleman
Cram Dingle as George Washington
1991, Kim Dingle
Poster: Autobiographical Study (Dutch Portrait)
Sophie Calle
1991, Allen Ruppersberg
The Tagger and The Sphinx (Homage to Chaka)
1991, Sandow Birk
Untitled (Jesus + I)
1990, Larry Johnson
"What I would make were I a dung beetle but, I'm not"
1991, Chris Wilder
1986, John Baldessari
Palm Springs Weekend
1991, Lynn Coleman
Surfin Safari
1991, Lynn Coleman
Illustrations Vol II
1991, Allen Ruppersberg
The Troll Rips
1991, Russell Crotty
1991, Erika Rothenberg
Money Brush
1991, Richard Roehl
Surfboard Bouquet
1991, Richard Roehl
Curse of the Chumash
Chris Wilder
North Swell (Washington Crossing the Delaware)
1990, Sandow Birk
Spence Residence, South Pasadena
1991, Bart Prince
Psychiatrist's office
Jean Bastarache
1991, Mark Heresy

Artworks acquired in 1990

Eulogy for a Circular Saw Blade
1990, Corey Stein
Gusano Rojo
1990, Lynn Coleman
Pueblo Geisha at the Crossroads
1991, Lynn Coleman
Hollywood Revenge
1990, Sandow Birk
Segmented Worm Head
1990, Chris Wilder
The Forest
1990, Jim Shaw
Flag Series:Coke and Pepsi Never Had it Never Will
1987, Mark Heresy
1980, Raymond Gid
Swans of Bel Air Creek
Corey Stein
"Gumby, Sense of Form..."
1990, Raymond Pettibon
Oscar Wilde in Leadville April 13th 1882
1991, Robert Williams
There's No Better Country on Earth
1989, Erika Rothenberg
1989, Meg Cranston
Self-Portrait (Shipwreck)
1989, John Boskovich
1985, Horia Boboia
Kyoto Truckee Meadows Triptych
Lynn Coleman
Solved Problem #77
1987, Jon Tower
The Balancing Act
1987, Corey Stein
Flag Series: All Men Are Created Equal
1987, Mark Heresy
Flag Series: American Landscape
1987, Mark Heresy
Flag Series: Freedom of the Press [viewer discretion advised]
1989, Mark Heresy
Flag Series: No Man's Land
1989, Mark Heresy
Flag Series: U.$.A.
1989, Mark Heresy
USA #1: G.I. Joe Crucifixion
Mark Heresy
1 of 3 Poster OBJECTSs:
1998, Allen Ruppersberg
Untitled (Jean-Luc Godard)
Allen Ruppersberg
Inheritance: Bugs Bunny Comic
Allen Ruppersberg
Quest for Perfection
1990, Russell Crotty
Variable Piece #510 / Tower of London Series
1990, Douglas Huebler
Towards a New Permanence
1988, Lee Kaplan

Artworks acquired in 1989

Himalayan Expedition
1989, Chris Wilder
Self-Portrait [(King Theodore)]
1987, John Boskovich
Autobiographical Stories: Dutch Portrait
1988, Sophie Calle
The Shadow
1981, Sophie Calle
Devotion of Forty Hours
Paul Beauchamin
Self-Portrait [(Ana Mendieta)]
1989, John Boskovich
Sanity Bandits
Robert Williams
Footprints of Narcissus
1988, Jim Shaw
The Soft Margarine
1988, Jim Shaw
Photo of The Soft Margarine
1988, Jim Shaw
What Bitter Irony
1988, Jim Shaw
You Break It You Bought It!
1988, Jim Shaw
Meditation Object
1988, Jim Shaw
"The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman"
1988, John Baldessari
I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold & I Ate It
1988, Dave Rushing
Battleships and Boys
1989, Craig Roper
Farmer Boy Leisure Suit
1989, Craig Roper
Can You Help This Artist?
1989, Mark Heresy
Aligned Trumpeteering
1988, John Baldessari
"Public Domain #2, Third & Broadway 1917-1988"
Sarah Tamor
Jesus' Life As a Boy
1986, Jim Shaw
"Billys Self-Portrait, #1 (Famous Monsters cover)"
1986, Jim Shaw
Tree Of Knowledge
1988, Jim Shaw
El Vato Loco
1985, Chaz Bojorquez
Untitled (Still from 'The Andersons')
Jim Shaw
Are You Experienced?
1989, Richard Lee
1989, Mike Kelley
Christ in Dali Vision
1988, Jim Shaw
1989, Craig Stecyk
La Ballona Mallard
1989, Craig Stecyk
My Mirage
1986, Jim Shaw
Queen of Angels
Theresa Pendlebury
Artists Hands: Baldessari
1985, Rena Small
Artists Hands: Huebler
1985, Rena Small
Resurrection Easter Egg
1989, Jeffrey Vallance
Artists Hands: Carl Andre'
1985, Rena Small
Artists Hands: Christo
1985, Rena Small
Key Rack
1988, Chris Wilder
"The Blind" English Version complete
1986, Sophie Calle
Calendar Print
1989, Allen Ruppersberg
Calendar Print
1989, Allen Ruppersberg
Arte Povera
1989, Luciano Perna
Captain Cook
1989, Craig Stecyk
Northwest Passage (Clock)
1989, Craig Stecyk

Artworks acquired in 1988

"Frida, Tu y Yo"
1988, Barbara Carrasco
1988, Meg Cranston
Cure Yourself of Racism
1987, Erika Rothenberg
Speed Racer
1988, Chris Wilder
The Dog Ate My Homework [lost]
1986, Jim Shaw
1988, Jim Shaw
The Dog Ate My Homework
1986, Jim Shaw
UFO Sighting
1988, Chris Wilder
Untitled (Jackson)
1988, Thaddeus Strode
"The Blind", English Version (#1 The Sea);
1986, Sophie Calle
"The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman"
1988, John Baldessari
Artist's Current Listing
1987, John Boskovich
1986, Louise Lawler
1988, Erika Rothenberg
Untitled [rope & bedsheet]
1987, Meg Cranston
1 of 3 Poster OBJECTs: up/down
, Allen Ruppersberg
1 of 3 Poster OBJECTs: true/false
, Allen Ruppersberg
Los Angeles to Del Mar
1988, Kim Abeles
Circle of Deceit
George Stone
Calavera Posters (4 pcs)
1988, Craig Stecyk
Bricks (by Luciano da Napoli)
1988, Luciano Perna
Ink Drawing with Poetry
1988, Kim Abeles
Matchbox Flag
Erika Rothenberg

Artworks acquired in 1987

Thou Still Unravish'd Bride of Quietness
1987, John Boskovich
Secret Penis Package #25
Erika Rothenberg
Dogs Eating Scene
1981, Jeffrey Vallance
Fish Tale
1978, Craig Stecyk
Critical Insight
1987, David French
Only the Appearance of Deliverance
1987, David French
"The Request, The Offering, The Theft"
1987, Kim Abeles
Stargazer I
1986, Rena Small
Stargazer II
1986, Rena Small
The Marionette
1989, Annette Bird
Untitled (Grief is Devastating)
1985, Larry Johnson
Diamonds are Forever
1981, Chris Burden
Napoleon d'Or
1981, Chris Burden
Art Vouchers from Margo Leavin Gallery (20 pcs)
1987, Louise Lawler
1986, Lee Kaplan
In Fear and Favor of Ritual in Post-Modern Society
1983, George Stone
Demuth Dreams Roentgen
1985, Lee Kaplan
Kachina #1532 Ogre Mother
1986, Glen Fred
"Kachina, #2312 Owl"
1986, Glen Fred
An Illustration for the Novel that Writes Itself
1983, Allen Ruppersberg
Portrait of the Artist and His Mother
1986, John Boskovich
Photo of Bill Viola's St. John of the Cross installation
Kira Perov
Photo of Bill Viola's Theater of Memory installation
Kira Perov
Photo of Bill Viola's Theater of Memory installation (with Bill)
Kira Perov
cards from Bernadette installation (2)
1987, Kim Abeles

Artworks acquired in 1986

Two Men with Alphabets
1984, John Baldessari
Interiors/The Gift
1987, Annette Bird
Tissue Box from Right to Life Boutique
Erika Rothenberg
1974, Bruce Yonemoto
5 Scenes From a Film
1986, Michael McMillen
News From Nowhere (The Mystery of Faith)
1986, Allen Ruppersberg
The Chair
?198, Rena Small
The Stolen Meridians
1986, Kim Abeles
Artist with Swords and Brushes
1984, John Baldessari

Artworks acquired in 1985

Book: Observatory Piece
1985, Kim Abeles
Still Life With Carp
Jo Ann Callis
Variable Piece #506 / Tower of London Series
1975, Douglas Huebler
Crocodile Tears: The Great Corrector
1984, Douglas Huebler
Family Melodrama
1985, Allen Ruppersberg
The Last Home of Leon Trotsky
1984, Kim Abeles
Illuminated Manuscript 1985
1985, Kim Abeles
Poster (Middelburg) showing Minneapolis Billb/d
1985, John Baldessari
Corrected Stonehenge
1984, John Baldessari
Poster: Drawn from Life by A. Ruppersberg
, Allen Ruppersberg
Poster: Translated by A. Ruppersberg
, Allen Ruppersberg
Poster: Watch Out! over Circus scene
, Allen Ruppersberg
The Last of Everything
1985, Allen Ruppersberg
Kachina Transform
Sheila Pinkl

Artworks acquired in 1984

1984, Kim Abeles
A Problem with Maintenence
1983, Kim Abeles
1976, Annette Bird
Poster: Corrected Stonehenge
1984, John Baldessari
Sahara Motel
1984, Annette Bird
Rock Slide
1979, Annette Bird

Artworks acquired in 1983

I Should Have Known This Is How I Would Get Off the Road
Larry Stark
1983, Stuart Spence
Tiny Controversial Specimen
1984, Kim Abeles
The Picture of Dorian Gray
1974, Allen Ruppersberg

Artworks acquired in 1982

Drawn From Life
1981, Allen Ruppersberg
Drawn From Life Too
1981, Allen Ruppersberg
Unusual Dog
1982, William Wegman
Olympic Posters
1982, John Baldessari

Artworks acquired in 1981

New Grange
Unli, John Middleton
Poster: Hope (sgd)
1981, John Baldessari
Do Not Touch Works of Art
, Gifford Myers

Artworks acquired in 1980

Secret Legends
1985, Annette Bird
Chandlerisms ('The torn blouse...')
1978, Alexis Smith

Artworks acquired in 1979

On Possession and Sexual Loss; an Objective Correlative
1979, Allen Ruppersberg
Al's Cafe Revisited (Menu)
Allen Ruppersberg

Artworks acquired in 1978

"A Novel That Writes Itself (S, and J major chrs)"
1978, Allen Ruppersberg
'Raw Prints'
1976, John Baldessari
Akebono wa
1978, Bansui Fuji

Artworks acquired in 1977

Pathetic Fallacy Series: Injured Yellow
1975, John Baldessari
Pathetic Fallacy Series: Stoic Peach
1975, John Baldessari
The Dig
1977, Bruce Metro

Artworks acquired in 1976

333 Grand Avenue
1976, T.E. Spence

Artworks acquired in 1975

Between the Scenes
1973, Allen Ruppersberg
I will not make any more boring art
1971, John Baldessari
Lunar Tides
Laurie Brown
Isle of Los Angeles
L.A. Fine Art Squad

Artworks acquired in 1974

Going into John Snakeskin's House
Allen Sapp
Choosing Green Beans
1972, John Baldessari

Artworks acquired in 1973

1973, Stuart Spence
Painting For Kubler, 1966-8
1966, John Baldessari
Sketch in Leering Catalog
&quo, Ad Dekkers
Beginning of the equal division of a double square
1972, Ad Dekkers
Division in 3 Parts by 2 Deepening Saw-Cuts
1973, Ad Dekkers

Artworks acquired in 1972

Grillage (3 degrees)
1972, Francois Morellet
1964, Francois Morellet
Black and White Pyramids
Unli, Ellsworth Kelly
Winter Sun
1970, John Middleton
Ingres and Other Parables (book)
1971, John Baldessari

Artworks acquired in 1971

Cornfield (?DunVarren)
Colin Middleton, RHA
"(?)Carnalaridge, Portrush"
1960, Colin Middleton, RHA
Untitled (Stamp piece)
1971, Colin Middleton, RHA
Watercolor Landscape
1965, Colin Middleton, RHA
Lough Gill Sligo (min.)
1971, Colin Middleton, RHA
Watercolors: Birdman:Nendrum
1962, Colin Middleton, RHA

Artworks acquired in 1970

Archaic Figure
1958, Colin Middleton, RHA
Portrait of John Churchill
B. Arlaud
Portraitof a Lady
Jeremiah Meyer
Head of Kathleen Spence
Carolyn Mulholland
"Rocks, Rechenaugh,Co.Donegal"
Colin Middleton, RHA
Kate & Bird I (ink & wash)
1970, Colin Middleton, RHA
Woman with bird (? and setting sun)
1970, Colin Middleton, RHA
Kate & Bird II (ink & wash)
1970, Colin Middleton, RHA
Woman with bird (? and window)
1970, Colin Middleton, RHA
"One of Pair of Landscapes, Brown"
1969, Colin Middleton, RHA
"Second of Pair of Landscapes, Brown"
1969, Colin Middleton, RHA
Early Morning Boa Islands
1967, Colin Middleton, RHA
Autumn: Boa Island (1 of small pair)
1969, Colin Middleton, RHA
Gate (watercolor)
1965, Colin Middleton, RHA
1962, Colin Middleton, RHA
One of Pair of Blue Landscapes
1970, Colin Middleton, RHA
Second of Pair of Blue Landscapes
1970, Colin Middleton, RHA
1962, Colin Middleton, RHA
"Willows, Castle Archdale (1 of small pair)
1969, Colin Middleton, RHA
Woman with loose dress & hat
1970, Colin Middleton, RHA

Artworks acquired in 1965

Mingus at The Jazz Workshop 1965
1965, Stuart Spence

Artworks acquired in 1960

Sketches of figures (5 pcs)
1960, Joanna Tod

Artworks acquired in

Connie Zehr
1969, T.E. Spence
Face Drawing
Jim Shaw
Ancient Japanese Grave