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Painting For Kubler, 1966-8

Created 196600 Acquired 1973110

Text Painting on Canvas

Artwork Story

New Museum: 'John Baldessari, 1966-80' 1981-82; 4sites;
Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, 1982; & other sites
NHAM'LA Pop in the 60s' 1989-90;+ 4 sites
MOCA'J.B. Retrospective' 1990-91; + Whitney & 3 other
Laguna1998-9 'Life Lessons'
Text reproduced in L.Lippard '6 Years'
JB Cat New Museum;
Van Bruggen 1990 color

Judith Spence

There is a lot about this piece in the lecture"What I Learned About Psychoanalysis From Contemporary Art" (see-'Stories').
"Kubler" is George Kubler, an art historian who wrote a splendid book in 1962 The Shape of Time. This work makes a "sign" out of George Kubler's idea that history is a living process. The "accumulating body of knowledge" is not static; what is new and what is old are continuously being re-thought in relation to one another. Since 1973 when we acquired it, this piece has become our family motto.


"New Museum: 'John Baldessari, 1966-80' 81-2;4sites"


"also Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, 82; & other sites"


NHAM'LA Pop in the 60's' 89-90;+ 4 sites; Laguna'98-9'Life Lssns

Artwork Story

MOCA'J.B. Retrospective' 90-1; + Whitney & 3 other

Artwork Story

Catalogs: Text reproduced in L.Lippard '6 Years'

Artwork Story

JB Cat New Museum; Eindhovn; Van Bruggen 90 color

About the Artist

John Baldessari


This certificate replaces the artist's signature on the work
Text Painting on canvas

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