The Spence Collection
How art can change your life.

Fish Tale

Created 1978 Acquired 19874

"Trophy from Sunbeam Alpine, 5 Storyboards, 2 Lamps"

Artwork Story

Exhibited Laguna Art Museum 1998-9 "Life Lessons: How Art Can Change Your Life"

Stuart Spence

We first heard of Stecyk through an LA Times curiosity story about an artist who was casting life-sized bronze torsos, and then deep six-ing them in Santa Monica Bay; without making art objects out of the documentation. We finally tracked him down, and brought home the fishing trophy which has been over our mantlepiece ever since. What will a fortieth century archaeologist say about the bronzes when they re-surface?


"Exh:Laguna Art Museum, 1998-9, 'Life Lessons; ...'"

Artwork Story

bought w Lynn Catalina Elopement; $1k to Deep Six

About the Artist

Craig Stecyk


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