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Groom Lake

Created 1995 Acquired 1995

alum foil relief

Judith Spence

(a general comment on this artist who has many works represented)
(J) Chris Wilder is another artist whose every work we wish we could have, and it's been that way since we saw his first one-person exhibition more than a decade ago. Wilder's work has the fresh perspective of coming from outside the conventional expectations of mainstream culture (you could even say highbrow culture as well). Yet at the same time this work continually reaches out to make contact with that culture, to bring it closer in to his (and our) direct experience, to make it understandable and to make it work, to make it valuable in human terms. Perhaps this connects to the UFO theme, which you will find in some of these pieces. There is another theme among these works, in which Wilder adopts the established strategies of contemporary art , bringing them to life and bringing them into life with his own unique vision.

About the Artist

Chris Wilder


Also By This Artist

Circle of Deceit
Created 1994 Acquired 199411

Coasters from 'Lost Dogs & Beer' show
Created 1992-3? Acquired 19930300

Curse of the Chumash
Acquired 1991

Dead Old Men and Dead Fish in the Land of the Rising Sun
Created 1991 Acquired 19971112

Fabricated UFO Sighting at Monte Carlo with the Jewels from Hong Kong (In Your Dreams)
Created 1991 Acquired 19971112

Flying High in the Sky with Peyote in your Eye (Crest)
Created 1991 Acquired 19971112

Gulf Breeze Sightings [UFO]
Acquired 19946

Himalayan Expedition
Created 1989 Acquired 1989914

Installation of Dots
Created 1988 Acquired 19880629

Key Rack
Created 1988 Acquired 1989 1

Created 1992 Acquired 19932

Created 1992 Acquired 1999430

Old Dead Men and Dead Fish
Created 1990 Acquired 1990 2

Segmented Worm Head
Created 1990 Acquired 1990522

Speed Racer
Created 1988 Acquired 19881210

UFO photos
Created 1997 Acquired 1998

UFO Sighting
Created 1988 Acquired 19881210

Created 1997 Acquired 1998

"What I would make were I a dung beetle but, I'm not"
Created 1991 Acquired 1991 5