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Self-Portrait [(King Theodore)]

Created 198700 Acquired 198980

"Artist's name over late 18th Century Spanish banner, w photo/text"

Artwork Story

Donated to MOCA 2005
Exhibited Laguna Art Museum 1998-9 "Life Lessons: How Art Can Change Your Life"

Judith Spence

I melted when I saw the resemblance of King Theodore's expression to that of our 7 year old son in a formal studio photograph. And actually that's a lot of what this and other pieces by Boskovich are about, namely finding yourself reflected in what you encounter, and discovering some more of yourself thereby. This very old printed banner, like North Swell, The Marionette, The Lost Meridian, is about looking for forebears who were like us. It helps us grasp who we are. The Bible verse text was the basis of Flannery O'Connor's title The Violent Bear It Away. This is another reference to the history that molds us yet we may not know directly the violent details that attended generational struggles for survival as well as for identity.


"Exh:Laguna Art Museum, 1998-9, 'Life Lessons; ...'"

About the Artist

John Boskovich


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