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"International Bed & Breakfast"

Created 1991 Acquired 1994

"12' ladder with 4 bells, 3 music boxes, and parrot"

Artwork Story

Donated to Di Rosa Foundation 1997

This work was conceived at the time of the opening of the Berlin Wall and collapse of the Soviet Union. Pablito was taught to chant L'Internationale while swinging on the clappers of the bells: the irony being that in the latter years of his likely seventy-five year lifetime, Pablito would continue chanting the Communist Workers' Anthem - while nobody else would recognize it!

Stuart Spence

When we moved to a much smaller house, Pablito was in too much danger from our other pets ganging up on him; and we had to find him a new home.

Artwork Story

paid $5000: Formal agreement was that

Artwork Story

"piece was free, but Paul 'would like to cover cost"

Artwork Story

when we could conveniently' - amt $5000

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Paul Kos


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