The Spence Collection
How art can change your life.

Circle of Deceit

Acquired 1988

"Steel plate w pattern of Uranium atom, hands flicking ball-bearings, timers"

Artwork Story

Donated to Laguna Art Museum in 1999 as one of 109 works
Exhibited LA Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall, 1990s; Laguna Art Museum 1998-9 "Life Lessons: How Art Can Change Your Life"

Stuart Spence

This is the uranium atom, with its nucleus and 92 electrons in their array of shells around it. The two hands playing a child's game of marbles for the future of the world are oriented to East and West: If the four counters all match, it is the end of the world.


Barnsdall ?'90s


"Exh:Laguna Art Museum, 1998-9, 'Life Lessons; ...'"

About the Artist

George Stone