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How art can change your life.

"Unknown, Unwanted, Unconscious, Untitled"

Created 1993 Acquired 199311

mechanized figure in body bag

Artwork Story

Donated to Laguna Art Museum in 1999 as one of 109 works

Exhibited Armand Hammer (?et al)'97 Scene of the Crime, Ralph Rugoff curator, & illustrated in catalog;
Laguna Art Museum 1998-9 "Life Lessons: How Art Can Change Your Life"

Judith Spence

I think this is what the Unconscious looks like. If you can get past the demonic monster that Freud popularized, you can see that there is another way to characterize the Unconscious. It's a part of ourselves that is always there, operating in the dark, in the shadowy background. Working with it rather than against it is like learning to ballroom-dance with a partner: it works better if each respects the capacities and the limits of the other.

Stuart Spence

What even we didn't know was that the artist had built in a finite (Duchampian?) lifetime into to programmed movements he copied from the homeless sleeping in alleys around his studio.


"Armand Hammer (?et al)'97 & cat/ill Scene of the Crime, Rugoff cur."


"Exh:Laguna Art Museum, 1998-9, 'Life Lessons; ...'"

About the Artist

George Stone