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Sahara Motel

Created 1984 Acquired 1984

Landscape relief of hotel poolside in Sahara

Artwork Story

Donated to Laguna Art Museum in 1999 as one of 109 works
Exhibited Laguna Art Museum 1998-9 "Life Lessons: How Art Can Change Your Life"

Judith Spence

Annette Bird color-xeroxed photographs of rocks onto fabric and stuffed the fabric to look like rocks. That process of displacement is taken another round further as the mountains are displaced onto the lounge chairs. On the one hand this makes a witty comment on the determination of humankind to burn itself up via the suntan, and on the other hand there is an existential acknowledgment that we end up inorganic anyway, in the slow, relentless progression of geologic time.


"Exh:Laguna Art Museum, 1998-9, 'Life Lessons; ...'"

About the Artist

Annette Bird


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