The Spence Collection
How art can change your life.

What is the Spence Collection?

Remembering a patron of the arts

Stuart Spence passed away on May 29, 2021. Full obituary...

A Lifetime of Conversation with Contemporary Art

Over more than thirty years, we (Judy and Stuart Spence) have collected the works you see here. For a while, we lived in a house with enough wall space to show many pieces, but now our house is small and most of the work is in storage, or out on loan - or donated to various museums. This website is a way to present the works we love to those interested in this art and also to curators who may not be as familiar with some of these artists.

The Spences welcome submissions and information from anyone who feels they were affected by these artworks - whether you are an artist, a gallery owner, a collector, or just someone who enjoys art. Send us your thoughts, recollections, or suggestions and we would love to incorporate your feedback into this project. ~ Continue

Other Recommended Websites

If you like what you see here, we recommend exploring these other places that matter to us, e.g. Museum of Jurassic Technology, Laguna Art Museum, Grand Central Art Center, Museum of Contemporary Art, and LACMA. From time to time we will reference galleries when there is an exhibition that we especially like.

About the Collectors

Judith Vida-Spence and Stuart Spence

Judy and Stuart Spence met in Stanford in 1971 where Judy was visiting a medical school roommate, and Stuart was working as a physics post-doc. They were married the same year. They moved to Southern California while the Pasadena Art Museum was still one of the major creative forces in the art-world. They soon found contemporary art, particularly the California flavor of conceptual art, mattered to them in ways they could not have anticipated. This involvement with art has grown into a voyage of self-discovery. Judy has pursued her profession as a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst and Stuart has been in several high-tech ventures, and all the while this art has influenced every part of their lives.

Featured Works